Stefan Majoor

Software Engineer - Business Information Systems - Data Science

Software Projects

  • GEWIS Website and Database

    GEWIS is the study association for Mathematics and Informatics at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Since my studies at the university all are part of the informatics department, it is the study association that I am a member of. The old website and database system of the study association were quite outdated, and very difficult to maintain. Therefore I joined the website committee of the study association, and together with the other members of that committee we created a new database system for GEWIS, and we are currently busy to create a new website too.
  • Incenova

    Incenova is a software platform for data management that I helped to create while working at Code Yellow. It started as a small project for one of our customers, that quickly grew out to a very advanced engine to do various tasks that have to do with data management. Key features that are included in Incenova are clean and secure storage of data, reporting tools, data analysis and a secure and management environment. I have mainly be involved in creating a big part of the back end of Incenova, which is completely written in PHP.
  • REX

    REX is a web-based platform that allows you to call from your browser. This allows the companies that use REX to have a fully functional telephony system, without needing to install any kind of software except a web browser. Furthermore, this allows for employees at other locations (even home) to call and be called as-if they were in the correct location. But REX offers more services than only calling. For example, it allows the user to keep data about they are talking to, which in turn can be synced to the CRM system. Also detailed statistics about the call behaviour in an organization can be viewed. I worked mainly on the back-end, where i - among other things - connected REX to APIs from various other services to gather and sync data.
  • BPM Game

    As graduation project for my bachelor I was grouped together with 8 other students, and given the task to do a software project. The software project that we did was the BPM game. The BPM game is a tool that is used for the course Business Process Management at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The software simulates a business, where the student needs to implement a new Business Process Model to optimize the current process used in the company. That includes hiring and firing employees, and assigning employees to tasks. The game is played with many groups of students at the same time, and the groups compete to beat the other groups in various kinds of key performance indicators of the process.


  • CodeYellow/Sync

    Sync is an open source library that helps to synchronise data between databases through normal HTTP communication. It is mainly targeted at Laravel, but most of its functionalities work with just the Eloquent ORM. The library is entirely done in PHP.
  • CodeYellow/Queue

    Queue is an open source queuing library for the FuelPHP framework. It allows you to create jobs that are asynchronously executed at a later time. The biggest advantage over other queuing libraries is that it has a lot of functionality, and you can easily integrate it with the FuelPHP framework.